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A Roadmap Case Study: Prime Data

While many business owners and organizational leaders understand the importance of a tech strategy, they may not have a plan in place for the next four or five years, or even the next 12 months. Unfortunately, that leads to a reactive approach to technology. Companies can then fall behind the competition — losing customers and talented employees.

The Solution

The solution is a proactive Intelligent Technology Roadmap, which consists of three parts: technology, security and productivity.

We spoke with Steve Falk, President and Owner of Prime Data, about his experience creating an Intelligent Technology Roadmap with the help of Techify.

Case Study: Prime Data

Prime Data is a progressive marketing services organization. It has been providing unique, revenue driving solutions to North America’s direct marketing community for over 20 years

The Challenge: Creating a Technology Roadmap without draining internal resources

What was the Roadmap process like?

About four years ago, Techify brought in a Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) to help us create a long-term technology plan.

The Roadmap included looking at all of our equipment and a software with a focus on the future. And having Techify’s support was really helpful. It meant I didn’t have to take some of my own staff to do this. That’s not our core competency; we’re not a hardware company.

Where are you now in the process?

We meet quarterly with the Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO), who alerts us to upcoming technical threats or gaps, or suggests software and hardware updates due to changing business requirements. He asks where our company is going, and what resources we’re going to need.

From a security standpoint, because we’re handling other people’s data, we want to know that Techify is keeping an eye on that. Having an external party weigh in on security feels good.

Why is a Technology Roadmap important to your company?

Techify’s Technology Roadmap helps me avoid the risk of having my software get out of license or my staff be unable to work because software is failing. And I also have really fast turn-around time on response rates, and I don’t want to risk having my staff be down for half a day and twiddling their thumbs.

You don’t even want to discuss being down for a day. Twenty years ago, we’d just pick up a pen and get the fax machine and keep working. But today, you really can’t live without technology.

When you have a really strong robust company who is working for this, they will be cutting your future risks and potential risks to security a priority.

What is it like to work with Techify?

At Techify, they are good listeners. They have continued to make it feel like they bring to us what we need after listening to us, rather than coming to us with a prescribed notion.

Business owners like to avoid risks. But without a Roadmap you’re potentially leaving yourself open to risk if you don’t have a really good IT support company. Techify’s VCIO has given us a pretty good sense of what the next three years will look like.

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