Techify Proven Process

Proven Path to Success

Breaking the Problem Cycle with a Proactive Strategy


Work Disruption

Identify issues causing disruptions. Address issues to minimize downtime.



Precise solutions ensure seamless operations.


Added to Standard

Elevate solutions to new standards for consistency.



Tech aligned with business objectives for efficiency.



Create a forward-looking technology strategy.

Techify's Innovative Approach

How Intelligent Technology Works

Technology Strategy & Roadmap

We meet quarterly to review strategy, roadmap, budget and latest recommendations to improve technology, cybersecurity and productivity

Changes & Migrations

Professional project management guides and a dedicated team to implement your technology strategy with precision and efficiency, ensuring your objectives are met seamlessly from start to finish.

Adoption & Support

Our highly responsive Service Desk team is always at the ready, swiftly addressing your requests and concerns to ensure minimal disruptions for your team, so you can stay focused on what matters most.

Maintenance, Updates & Monitoring

Behind the scenes maintenance and monitoring prevent issues to keep you running smoothly without issues or cyber breaches.

Simple Reporting

Gain comprehensive insights into your IT environment in two minutes with the Techify Monthly Report, enabling swift and effective decision-making.

Monthly Techification Visits

Our team pays you regular proactive visits to ensure your technology is up to par and aligned with our 700+ different Intelligent Technology standards.

Counting the Cost of Reactivity

Not Being Proactive With Your Tech Is Expensive.

Manufacturing Industry
Reluctance to invest in proactive services resulted in a $20 million loss due to a ransomware attack.
Non-Profit Sector
Hesitation to modernize led to a $200,000 loss from a hacking incident.
Productivity Impact
Most of our clients saw a 30-50% increase in staff technical issues due to reactivity, costing 50-100 hours of monthly productivity for a 50-person firm.
Professional Services
Reactive stance caused a SharePoint migration disaster, lost billable hours, and client termination.
Financial Services
Status quo approach led to compromised email accounts and a significant funding setback.
Efficiency Enhancement
Well-executed Microsoft 365 roadmap could save 4 hours per employee per week and prepare your company for future AI automation.
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Seizing the Opportunity

Being Proactive with Your Tech is Smart

Don’t let reactivity hold you back. By embracing proactive technology, you pave the way for enhanced efficiency, reduced risks, and staying ahead of competitors. It’s not just about avoiding problems – it’s about unlocking your tech’s full potential for a better, smarter future.

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+700 different Intelligent Technology standards