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Are Your Employees Happy? Use This Tool to Find Out

The labour market is great — if you’re looking for work. But if you’re looking for staff, it’s tough out there. Many organizations are struggling to find help, and when they do, keeping them on payroll is important because it’s always less expensive to keep current staff happy than it is to rehire and retrain.

So, you need to know if staff have one foot out the door. And the good news is, there is a tool that can help — Microsoft Forms. Now, you’re probably wondering, how will a form help me hold onto my staff? This is how we use it…

At Techify, every quarter we have a planning session with our employees. Ahead of that meeting, we send staff a Microsoft Form soliciting feedback. Here are examples of questions:

  • What should we start/stop/continue?
  • What is one initiative you’d like to work on in the next quarter?
  • How can we better support you?
  • Would you recommend working at Techify to a friend?

Not only will the answers give you a sense of how employees feel about your organization, but you’ll also get a sense of staff commitment. For example, did they take the time to fill out the form in full? Or was it a half-hearted effort? There are always signs that an employee is unhappy. This is just one way to tell.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Forms and other ways to support your staff? Contact us to schedule a time to chat.

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