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These Four Teams Can Prevent a Hack

We’re human, and we make mistakes — and that’s exactly what cyber criminals are hoping for. Hackers are targeting your company or organization not through some glitch or gap in your computer system, but through your employees.

How? They will try and get your staff to mistakenly click on a link in a phishing email. Or they will hack what might be a weak password. As well, employees working in hybrid or remote environments likely have weaker computer security compared to your office setup.

The problem is that IT teams may try to say that users aren’t that “tech smart.” But the fact is that employees need to feel an obligation to be part of the process. Meanwhile, a lot of executives blame the IT team when there is a breach. And it’s true that IT needs to provide that blanket security, but everyone has a part to play.

Here are some examples of how different departments can play a role helping employees become cyber-aware.

Executive Teams

Strong cybersecurity starts at the top. Executives must create a culture where there is an emphasis on the importance of strong best practices, and they must emulate that behaviour.

Human Resources

Start things off on the right foot. When onboarding new employees, a review of the organization’s cybersecurity policy should be mandatory. HR should also ask employees to sign the organization’s cybersecurity policy.

Team Leaders

Invest in cybersecurity training for staff, which can include live practice sessions that test whether they are clicking on potential phishing links, etc.

IT Team

IT’s role is to protect your company, even if a user makes a mistake and clicks on a link they shouldn’t. It’s also important that the IT team regularly audits, reviews and adjusts to align cybersecurity to best practices. In addition, implementing processes such as conditional access, which allows an organization to create a set of conditions for employees, can aid in protecting an organization’s digital assets.

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