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The Modern Way to Do Cybersecurity

It helps keep your documents secure. It makes it easier for your employees to securely log on from anywhere in the world. And if you don’t have it, you may not be compliant working with some of your clients.  

We’re talking about Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory, or Azure AD.  

Sounds pretty “techie” – but don’t let the name scare you; it’s actually pretty straightforward.  

What is Azure AD?

Microsoft defines it as “a cloud-based identity and access management service.” Basically, Azure AD removes the need for VPN (and all the associated VPN issues, like password problems and slow connections). So, instead of connecting into a server sitting at an office, you are connecting into the cloud to manage security access for you and your team.  

Why Does My Organization Need It? 

    Data File Protection: With so many people hybrid working, it is important to be able to protect computers outside the office. Azure AD along with other Microsoft services give you the ability to eliminate access to computers and even wipe them remotely, something you cannot do with conventional security.  

    Device Management: Your staff are likely looking up sensitive documents on mobile devices. So, you need to be able to access and manage that, which is possible with Azure AD and Intune. 

    Cybersecurity: Hackers were working hard to hack companies and organizations during the pandemic. Azure AD allows for multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies, which are some of the simplest and best ways to stop a cyberattack.  

    New Business: We are seeing many clients get questionnaires on their cybersecurity and data protection when working with larger companies. If you cannot assure your customers you are safely managing your data, you may lose them. Azure AD is foundational for compliance with more advanced security needs.  

    This is the modern way of doing security. And this is how you protect company assets. 

    How Do I Get It?

    If you have are using Microsoft 365, you are already using part of Azure AD when you login to your email. The next step is moving how your computers authenticate, which for many businesses allows them to get rid of the remaining servers in their office and go completely cloud based.  

    Want to Learn More? 

    By mid-summer of next year, we expect over 75% of our clients to have migrated their security to Azure AD. If you are ready to modernize your security, we would be happy to help. Contact us today!